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Eric Halsey
Content Marketing Expert
Eric Halsey
After finishing an MA at Central European University and a Fulbright Research Grant here in Sofia, Eric decided to put his writing and research skills to the test creating killer content for Hop-Online. He divides his time between his beloved Bulgarian History Podcast and exploring his adopted country.

"Bulgarian History", "Expat Life", "Cooking".
Check the news and social media.
coffee, my laptop, and a clean environment.
spending many months traveling alone around Eastern Europe and North Africa.
Google News, whenyouliveinsofia.com, couchsurfing.org.
cooking, couchsurfing, traveling, listening to records, grabbing a beer with friends, binging on podcasts, and creative writing.
either the morning or the late afternoon depending on the circumstances.
It's dynamic and full of really great people.
Mountains, just the ability to see mountains. I can see the entire ridge of the Stara Planina from my apartment and it seems to both calm and inspire me. But more than anything I think people inspire me, just being around the right people. These are two big reasons I live in Sofia, it's full of inspiring mountains and inspiring people.
It was definitely Georgia (the country, not the state). I stayed with the parents of some friends and was overwhelmed by the hospitality, food, and natural beauty. After just two weeks in Tbilisi I was running into people I know every 5-10 minutes and it already seemed to feel like a second home.
the ability to make people care more about history. #lameandunashamed
a stack of books, my iphone, and a tiny wooden "Easter Island" style thing which holds my glasses.
invest the money and use the interest to ease my living expenses. Okay, and go spend 3 or 4 months traveling across Central Asia from Baku to Almaty.
I have a good, stable, well paying job, and I'm not moving back to the USA. But I still love you and will visit when I can.
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