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Panda’s Entry into Google’s Core Algorithm Explained

panda google algo tips

Ever since it was first rolled out in February 2011, Google’s Panda has been influencing search results with an emphasis on favoring high quality content over thin and low quality content. A pro tip from Hop Online: don’t read everything out there about Panda. It’s unlikely you’ll ever get through it. And as with most

2015 Ecommerce Marketing Roundup

ecommerce marketing articles for 2015

2015 was a busy year for us here at Hop Online. I’m sure it was an intense one for you as well. Since we didn’t get a chance to publish our regular roundup post during December, we decided to create a summarized roundup for the whole of 2015 and take a good look at how ecommerce

Why Startups Should Ditch Traditional PR and Focus on Inbound PR

As a startup, you probably don’t know how to do PR at all. You don’t have the experience nor the internal capabilities or resources. On the other hand, you can’t afford to hire a PR agency that’s going to be able to do PR the right way for you. But you’re just starting out as

Gym, Weight Loss, New Skills: How Businesses Can Capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions

Lose weight, exercise more, learn a new skill: these are among the top new year’s resolutions that people make. Below, you can see the search trends for some of these terms in Google and the obvious peaks in January. Unlike in e-commerce, here the season starts after the holidays end. If your business involves fitness, yoga, weight-loss

Webit Istanbul 2015 Says You’re Probably Unprepared for the Future of Marketing

There’s no denying the list of speakers at Webit’s recent event in Istanbul was star-studded. From the Paul Rossi, President of The Economist Media Group, to Vox’s Global Head of Brand Strategy, the players onstage and the companies represented were both daunting. But when it came to raw content, there was plenty for the numerous small and medium sized enterprises in attendance. Here’s a synthesis of what you need to know about the future of digital media and marketing from some of the top minds in the industry.

The Social Media-Savvy Franchise: Franchise Marketing Strategies

Your customers (and customers-to-be) spend a lot of time on social media like Facebook or Pinterest. As a franchise operator, you want to take advantage of that – but how can your franchise marketing strategies stand out from the flood of information on social media sites? All it takes is a bit of creativity. Check

I Constantly Add Content, but My Traffic Isn’t Growing: What Am I Doing Wrong?

As specialists in content marketing, we hear a lot of questions from clients. One common one is why they have so little traffic if their site has plenty of content that they add to on a regular basis. If this sounds like you, the short answer is that you’re likely not planning your content well enough.

SEO for Local Businesses 101: Easy Tips to Improve Your Website Now

By now, local businesses know that online traffic is vital for their business. Plumbers, roofers, tilers and contractors know that people read forums and do research online when they need to hire a service provider. This applies to all locally-oriented businesses like hairdressers, wedding photographers, driving instructors, home care, security services and anything else that comes to

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