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Higher Education Marketing: How to Master Your Admissions Funnel

Admission Funnel: Prospective Students

In order to get the maximum number of students enrolled, you need to take great care to market your institution effectively. And the first step to better marketing is understanding your buyers’ journey, i.e. your potential students’ journey. To win all of these potential students over, you must speak their language and give them the right content at the right time. Each student’s journey can be mapped into a buyer sales funnel, which will help you better plan your marketing efforts.

12 Mobile Statistics Every Higher Education Marketer Should Know

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Today’s teenagers are mobile-first internet users. They own a smartphone and they use it a lot. To connect and engage with prospective students, universities need a mobile-first marketing strategy. However, according to research conducted by Google and Hop Online, most universities fail to provide a good mobile web user experience. Accelerated Mobile Pages for Universities

Growth Hack Your Enrollment Funnel

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10 things you can do now to improve results for Fall 2017 Decision day is fast approaching and the pressure is on to meet those enrollment targets. You need to convert those started applicants to completed applicants and accepted applicants to enrolled students. Here are a few easy to implement growth hacking tips to help

Does Your University’s Mobile Website Scare Off Prospective Students?

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Rapid smartphone adoption has changed the way young people find and share information on the internet. Communicating is done via short messages rather than lengthy emails. Reading has been replaced by audio and video. Attention spans are short and patience even shorter. Poor Mobile User Experience Despite the change in user behavior, the majority of

Higher Education Marketing: How to Improve Communication Between Marketing and Admissions

communication between admissions and marketing in universities and colleges

Higher education is changing. This is evident in what today’s typical student looks like, compared to a couple decades ago. If the word “student” brings visions of someone just past high school age, dividing their time between attending lectures, playing on a sports team and going out for a good time, you would be correct

Higher Education Marketing: Best Online Articles of May 2015

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Higher Education Marketing is constantly evolving and transforming. Every day, marketers discover new ways of attracting, engaging and retaining potential prospects. New technological developments also add to the significant change the industry has seen in recent years. We know that what worked today may not work tomorrow, and thus we strive to optimize our methodology, and

Higher Education Marketing: Best Online Articles of March 2015

higher education marketing articles 2015

The Higher Education industry is quite dynamic. The month of March was no exception from the rule. From Sweet Briar’s demise to the promising new education startups we saw at SXSWedu, there’s lots to be excited about. Below you can find the articles we loved the most, and which we decided to share. Get all the highlights

Higher Education Marketing: Finding Prospective Students


Invest time and resources to multiple channel efforts and carefully measure which channel works best in attracting your specific audience. It all boils down to knowing what types of students you want in your institution, where they are in your funnel, and how you can effectively provide the proper content through the proper channel.

Advanced Marketing Metrics Your College Should Measure

If your college or university is interested in enticing a fresh crop of students every year, you’re already looking at basic marketing metrics. To determine how successful your outreach efforts are, you’ll look at page views and unique visitor numbers to see if your word is getting out. Unfortunately, basic marketing metrics like these have shortcomings.

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